Your Journey to a Theta Wave State

Have you dealt with nerves and anxiety before or during a game? Are you looking to enhance your mental strength and ability to perform?

Look no further

Breathworks is here to guide you towards transforming into a super athlete, with a super body and now… a super mind. 

Our vision is to provide a virtual ecosystem for 100,000 global College and University athletes to transform their mental action from a beta wave state (stress, anxiety, depression) to an alpha and theta wave state(calm, clarity, and focus).

What is Breathworks?

Breathworks is a virtual 4 week cyclical program, focused on breathing techniques that transform mental action from a beta wave state, to alpha and theta wave states.

This program consists of four breathing practices:

  1. 3- 5 minute meditation “Serene Mind” 
  2. 8-10 minute meditation “ Breathe to Focus”
  3. 15-17 minute meditation “Soul Sync”
  4. 18-20 minute meditation “Unlocking Flow” 

Through the power of focused breathing techniques, our program helps you tap into the natural rhythms of your body and mind, leading you from the beta wave state of heightened stress and rush to the alpha and theta wave state of enhanced focus, mental clarity and presence.

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Why Choose Breathworks?
  • Scientifically Proven Results: Backed by over 20 years of research in neuroscience and mindfulness practices, Breathworks utilizes proven techniques to help you achieve a state of deep flow effortlessly.
  • Guided Expertise: Our hand picked instructors will lead you through each session, providing personalized guidance and support to help you maximize your experience. 
  • Flexible and Accessible: Whether you’re a beginner or have experienced breathing techniques in the past, Breathworks offers programs tailored towards and athletes needs. This virtual platform enables athletes to log on from wherever they may be, and gain the extra boost in their athletic performance. 
  • Lasting Benefits: By incorporating Breathworks into your daily routine, you will cultivate life changing habits where you’ll experience lasting benefits such as reduced stress, improved focus, enhanced clarity, and a greater sense of overall well-being.
What to Expect

Each week the athlete will focus on mastering one technique at a time. Through each technique the participant is learning to regulate their state through their breath, as well as to enhance their mental capabilities effortlessly. 

Each practice has its own unique proven scientific benefit:

“Serene mind”

3-5 minute practice which calms the amygdala(fight or flight center) of the brain, and activates the prefrontal cortex, the area of your brain responsible for focus, mental clarity, and conscious decision making. This practice will enhance awareness and precision in athletes.

“Soul Sync”

14-17 minute practice, focuses on activating the vagus nerve, relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system, as well as releasing nitric oxide through both breath and a variety of finger touches. This deep sense of relaxation allows for quicker muscular repair. In addition, through this practice, athletes will visualize a result they wish to achieve, mentally preparing them for their upcoming performance.

“Breathe to Focus”

8-10 minute practice which strengthens the cholinergic system(responsible for concentration), helping you concentrate faster, and with more ease. This practice will give athletes a stronger capability to tune out the mind, and truly become present to the task.

“Unlocking Flow”

This 18 -20 minute practice, activates both the cholinergic system, as well as the prefrontal cortex simultaneously , moving athletes into a flow state where they can learn to move into the present zone when it matters most. 

Ready to Embark on Your Journey?

Take the first step towards unlocking your unlimited potential by joining Breathworks today. Whether you’re seeking relief from stress/anxiety, an increase in focus and performance, or simply a deeper connection to yourself, our program offers the tools and support you need to thrive in today’s sports world.

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