Fire of Life

A Limitless Leadership Summit in Mexico City

For Young Adults (18-35)

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety? Do you long for a sense of community, a calm state and clear mind?


January 3 to 6, 2025

Fire of Life

A Limitless Leadership Summit

For Young Adults(18-35)

Crafting a new generation of youth who will flourish into their authentic selves, free from judgments, hurt, fear, and worry, so they flourish into limitless beings.


January 3 to 6, 2025

Disconnect to Connect

Building Tomorrow's Leaders Today

We will guide you to utilize nature and your inner wisdom to craft your future. 

As we transform, we transform those around us, creating a beam of light that compounds in growth year over year.


A curated journey to disconnect from the real world, take a step back and reconnect with ourselves and nature. With fire, water, wind and earth. A space where we come out more clear, present and connected.

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Live Music

Under the stars, through the vibrations of different instruments;  youth will realize that we are a part of something greater, immersing together into young conscious leaders that are held, supported and limitless. 

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Communal Campfires

Youth will find themselves gathering into a circle of storytellers around a crackling bonfire, where tales of triumph and transformation illuminate the darkness.

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Inside out approach

Practice ancient yoga in unity every morning, and receive insight from Oneness Academy – the top consciousness school in the world, so you blossom from the inside out.

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Dharma day

Receive guidance from top industry leaders in consciousness, AI, Currency, & Entrepreneurship. 

Fire of Life
day by day

A curated journey to disconnect from the real world, take a step back and reconnect with ourselves and nature. With fire, water, wind and earth. A space where we come out more clear, present and connected.

January 3rd
Check in and nature immersion

Welcome activities starts at 4pm pst, focused on coming together as a community and connecting with the local land. Dinner will also be provided. Check in starts at 2pm. Enjoy rest after your travels

January 4th
Day 1: Diving Inward

Receive wisdom from Oneness Academy. Learn to shift from a beta wave to an alpha wave state. Living in an alpha wave state will give you clarity, calmness, and precise decision making skills.

January 5th
Day 2: No “I” in Dream

Discover the power of a beautiful state of being by Oneness Academy. As well as be part of a 2.5 hour workshop with Industry leaders called "head on the clouds and feet on the ground".  An interactive workshop that will build out an action plan to grow your business, initiative and careers in a clear, conscious and abundant way.

January 6th
Day 3: Dharma Day and checkout

Let go of your past and future, and find your now. In the morning, grow your business, initiatives, or careers by receiving wisdom from top industry leaders on Marketing, Future of Currency, leadership and entrepreneurship. All with the intention to guide us to take action and create through an limitless, expansive state. Checkout is at 3pm pst.

What is the Fire of Life?

The Fire of Life is a 3 day immersive experience, near the ancient Aztec pyramids of Teotihuacan. This summit integrates ancient wisdom, experiential workshop learning, and self-reflection. 

A movement with the goal to achieve 3 aspects of a fulfilled human life:

  1. Awareness
  2. Collectiveness
  3. Initiative

These three aspects cannot be attained through an intellectual knowing but instead through an experiential journey.

What makes us unique?

We offer an environment that leads our participants on a journey of profound self-evolution and conscious leadership development through our 3 foundational pillars: 

Self Awareness, Awareness of Others, Heart Coherence

Self Awareness
  • To be aware of how you feel, think, and act.
  • To act and speak from a calm and decisive state
  • To have clarity on your skills and passions.
Awareness of Others
  • To consider your impact on others.
  • To grow in compassion and empathy
  • To serve as a calm and decisive leader for others
Heart Coherence
  • To be conscious of your companies impact on the planet
  • You are present and connected with those around you.
  • Heart, mind, and emotions are synchronized and balanced
Conscious Leader

This synergistic learning experience creates a firm foundation for individuals interested in leadership and personal evolution.

Venue: Mexico City,
Location TBD

Corporate Partners

Alcohol and drug policy: RQ Global’s overall mission in creating young conscious leaders, does not include the use of alcohol or illegal substances. In all of our events, the use of alcohol and other altering substances is prohibited. This will be enforced and carefully regulated for the safety and well-being of our participants. Cacao will be permitted for certain ceremonies.