Youth Festival Participant

During the festival… 

  • Understand your dissatisfaction in life and move closer to your “Why”.
  • Meet industry leaders that will move you to create impact.
  • Gather the tools to become a more conscious human
  • Join nightly fire rituals, morning yoga and be nourished with sustainable food.

After the festival… 

  • You will be part of a global community of like minded youth. 
  • You will see beyond the scope of what you’ve been conditioned to see. 
  •  Be fueled with boundless imagination.
  • Refine your impactful ideas and navigate a path toward tangible solutions.


***Contact us directly for group pricing of 5 or more…


Disconnect to ReConnect

This is for you if…. 

  • You are entering or are in college
  • You are looking for clarity in career choice
  • You have a career but are unsatisfied
  • You want to become an entrepreneur
  • You want to become a catalyst for change
  • You are a high performer 
  • You are feeling lost and unclear
  • Want to connect deeper with yourself and others
  • Looking to immerse into nature 
  • You seek purpose
  • You want to become more focused and present 
  • You are looking to become a mindful athlete or student
  • You love to invest in your self development journey
  • You are looking for a community of like minded global youth
  • You are looking to create change in this world.

Ticket Includes

  • Workshops & Meditation Processes
  • Live music and entertainment
  • Admission to Dharma Day
  • Food & Lodging for 6 nights

Find yourself in the Trout Creek Wilderness Lodge in Oregon, where you will be in one with nature and sleep in tippies, tents or Jubes with the sound of nature at your side.


Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with a satisfied stomach that will be fed sustainably farmed raised food. So you are properly fuelled throughout the day. 

Workshops and process

Wake up to ancestral yoga in the mornings. Go through transformative meditative processes led by the world renowned Onnesess Ekam Academy. Immerse yourself into dynamic workshops that will enhance the experiential learning process.Finish the day with live music and fire rituals so we sit around and share our experiences for the day. 

Live music

Immerse yourself into transformative live music that will unleash held up energy.. Dance around nature and among other youth, who are joyful and present sharing a space that ignites authenticity and liberation. 

DharMa Day

This is a day where industry leaders will come and connect with you. They will speak about their industry and you will have the opportunity to ask questions to spark the curiosity within you. Dharma day was designed to help youth find clarity in their future career choices as well as connect with potential career mentors. 

Join the movement and become a change maker.

This festival was curated to help young adults find awareness in themselves, others and connect with their mind, body and spirit. All with the goal to transform into young conscious leaders. Leaders with a clear vision, purpose and who lead through a calm present state. 

All proceeds are tax exempt.