Virtual Participant 1 Day Access

With one day access you can choose to participate in one of the 5 days, which can include….

  • Receive access to one day of the Oneness Academy sessions.
  • Choose to receive access to Dharma day and its virtual and live speakers in AI Marketing, Future of Currency, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and Finance.
  • Choose to receive access to 2.5 hour workshop with Aren Bahia called “head on the clouds and feet on the ground”.  This interactive workshop will guide you build out an action plan to grow your business, initiative and careers in a clear, conscious and abundant way.
  • Choose to receive access to Roya Mattis workshop called “Releasing the Peaceful Warrior within”
  • Join a community of young leaders connected online from around the world.
  • Live translations in Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese.



Choose a day and join us live one day at the Youth Leadership Festival from anywhere in the world.