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Young Compassionate Leaders

Support our movement as we pave the path for future generations to come.

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To create 1 million young compassionate leaders who are building sustainable and integral initiatives worldwide. 

What is our vision?

Our Mission

Providing the space for young adults to awaken to their true essence through nature and ancestral wisdom.

*RQ Global is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to creating young leaders worldwide.

Help Us Reach our Funding Goal of $3,000,000 USD

A donation today can transform the life of a youth tomorrow!

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What is the problem?

In 2021, 1 in 5 or


of students seriously considered attempting suicide and 1 in 10 (10%) attempted suicide. (ACCORDING to the CDC)

Youth more than ever are falling prey to a digital world where they either feel a need to be accepted into an unrealistic material online world or they feel they can’t do anything because the world is falling apart. 

This Needs To Change

Something Can Be Done.


What is RQ Global doing...

We are a global community that nurtures artists, leaders, entrepreneurs, and speakers. We do this through…


We carry this initiative forward through our foundational values of…

  1. Integrity
  2. Responsibility
  3. Compassion

What makes us Unique...

We use a deep immersion with nature as well as a variety of ancient wisdom and teachings to create a space for young leaders to find their own wisdom while being held by mother earth. 

Our efforts are directed towards actively fostering the 3 fundamentals of living a fulfilled human life,

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Collectiveness
  3. Initiative

Through this nurturing young adults will find a deeper sense of compassion, unity, and empowerment, transforming the way they take action in the world. 

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Global Youth Festival

  • We will incorporate skill-building workshops with top leaders in their field to come help young people find their skills and passions.
  • Deep Meditation processes hosted by Ekam.
  • Live Music with a wide range of artists and genres
  • Wisdom and healing held by indigenous tribal leaders

ALL with the intention of forming young compassionate leaders that make a calm and decisive impact on the world.


Supporters of the Movement:

Global Youth Community


Youth Events

Young Leadership Festival

Join us in transforming youth into compassionate leaders who take initiative from the inside out.

Together, let’s address the mental health epidemic of depression and anxiety that afflicts today’s youth. Through our efforts, we aim to foster young leaders who, in turn, guide individuals, communities, companies, countries, and humanity as a whole towards positive transformation.

By Supporting this Movement...

  1. You will help create a positive shift in humanity.
  2. Help create future initiatives with leaders capable of innovating from a clear and focused inner state.
  3. Help change the mental health crisis which is affecting young people today. 
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“Together we can change the youth, and theN the world” -Luan Erazo